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Since I began working with Grace 1 year ago, I've been able to publish 7 titles on Amazon! Grace teaches the steps to write and publish your first book in an easy to follow an understandable format. I had spent 5 years trying to figure this all out on my own to no avail. Thanks so much, Grace for helping me to move the needle forward as a published author!!
Leanne Hoekstra
I purchased several of the templates offered by  Pen to Publish! The first template that I used was the 2019 Planner template! I was extremely surprised by the ease of use of the template! I now have Planner on Amazon for sale! I highly recommend that you get this template an offer it with your content! Thank you Grace for making such an amazing product available to us!
Rodney D Middleton

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The creator behind Pen to Publish, Grace is an international ghostwriter & Book Coach. She is also an International Best Selling Author and have helped over 700 authors fulfill their dreams of becoming self-published. Click here to book a free consultation.
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3K Masterclass

This LIVE workshop and 14-day challenge will show you how to teach what you know and generate $3k in online revenue.

Notebook Boss Masterclass

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to create and monetize your notebook line.

The Author's Toolkit

With a value of more than $500, this Author's Toolkit includes ALL the tools and resources you need to get your book done. This toolkit...

2019 Social Media Content Calendar for Authors

365 days of social media planned out for you so that you can market your book, get more sales and increase your social media reach.

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30+ Tech Tools and Resources

This list of 30+ tech tools and resources are what I use in my business every day. Some are totally free, some have free options,...

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Weekly Goals Journal Template

The Weekly Journal Template is the template of all templates. Beautifully designed with several journal features that will have your project standing out from the rest.

Social Media Content Playbook

FINALLY!! This playbook is packed with the resources you need to create great and engaging social media content daily.

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Email Marketing for Authors

In this 4 part video series, I explain everything you need to know to use email marketing to promote and sell your books.

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Publish with KDP - Print

This step by step instructional video will teach you how to upload and publish your book project with KDP Print.

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30-Day Journal Creation Project Kit

This project kit is ALL you need to create your 30-day journal

Supercharge Book Marketing Plan

This 30 marketing plan is designed to help non-fictional authors supercharge their sales and set them on the path to best selling status.

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Publish 2019 Coaching Program

Work with International Ghostwriter and Book Coach Grace in a LIVE online coaching program designed to get you from idea to published author in 12...

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Faith-Based Template Bundle

Use our three popular faith-based templates to create book products for your brand, ministry, or Church.

Launch Your Book Checklist

The right launch can propel you into the #1 New Release list and give you the exposure you need as an author in your niche....

Bible Study Notebook Template

Use this template to create a Bible study notebook for your faith-based brand, ministry, or church.

Prayer Journal Template

Use this easy to use template to create a prayer journal for your faith-based brand, ministry, or church.

Devotional Template

Use this beautiful and fully customizable template to create a devotional for your Ministry or online community.

The Author's Checklist & Planner

By far the most comprehensive non-fiction author's checklist you will ever find!

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The Author's ATM

Royalties are not the only income stream you can generate from your book. In this mini-course, Grace Marie Brown shares 20+ income streams available to...

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The Author's Blueprint

Finally, I am revealing my content mapping and book outline formula to the public

The Daily Journal Template

Use this fully formatted journal template to create your own personalized or branded journal.

The Classic Book Template

Finally, you can format your book like a pro, without spending hundreds of dollars to do it.