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Supercharge Book Marketing Plan

Dust off the virtual dust and Supercharge your book sales!

Time to Supercharge Your Book Sales

Created by best-selling author, international ghostwriter, and book coach Grace Marie Brown, this 30 marketing plan is designed to help non-fictional authors supercharge their sales and set them on the path to best selling status.

This template includes daily marketing objectives along with a list of action items. 

- Included with this download is the Supercharge Your Book Sales Ebook.

What's included?

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Is this marketing plan for me?

This 30 day plan was designed by Grace to re-launch her first book. It is a plan that focuses on digital marketing strategies. Using this plan Grace got her book to best seller status is 7 days. The plan is great for new authors or those looking to take their book marketing to the next level with 30 days on intense marketing.

Will this get me to best seller status?

Amazon best seller status is based on a number of variables. Join the Author's Classroom and watch a free training on the ultimate Amazon best seller hack for authors. When that strategy is executed correctly, best seller status is achievable.

Can I get further help if I need it?

Sure. Grace is always willing to talk with you as to how she can help you with your marketing goal. Click here to set up a free consultation.